Advance usefulnesses

Discover the functionalities that Clicker & Go places at your disposal, through the APP and its web dashboard.

Connect different devices to control the capacity of your venue.

You can synchronize as many devices as you need to count people in te venue.You can synchronize as many devices as you need to count people in te venue. The devices are synchronized with eacht other to show the global capacity of the venue.

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Configuration and global statistics web panel

The Clicker & Go web panel allows you to configure all venues and premise, as well as the synchronized devices. It collects and shows all the generated data in the venues where you are doing capacity controls.

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Where can I use Clicker & Go?

Discover the most frequent cases where you can apply this count technology. Remember that you can use Clicker & Go to control the capacity of any area.

Bars and entertainment venues

You can measure the attendance in any entertainment establishment like bars, restaurants, cafeterias, pubs, discos, cinemas, theatres...

Stores and offices

From shopping malls, shops, supermarkets, markets to office buildings, companies, studios, industrial buildings...

Parks, beaches and pools

The Clicker & Go's system allows the measurement of data flow in areas such as parks, beaches, municipal pools, gyms...

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